What is Anti Acid Coating?

Anti Acid Coating, also called Chemical resistant coating refers to the process of protecting products with acidic solutions and or acidic resistant paint.

Acid Resistant Coating

Acid Resistant Coating / Sample

Anti Acid Coating need to know:

  • Anti Acid Coating / Chemical Resistant Coating is mainly used on products in the industrial & chemical industry. Think about: Offshore / Factories / Oil Industry / Additives. etc.

Brands and Types:

  1. Fluoropolymer – Xylan® – Molybdenum Disulfide – Epoxy, air dry – Epoxy – Phenolic – Phosphate – Polyurethane – Inorganic Zinc – PTFE – PPS/Ryton® – FEP – PVDF/Dykor® – ECTFE/Halar® – Ceramic Epoxy Coating

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